Politics and Preferences

I have noticed something recently and I wonder about it…

I see a lot of cars on the road that have Obama bumper stickers and most of the drivers are not Caucasian.

I used to see a lot of bumper stickers for Hillary that were on cars driven by girls.

I see a lot of SUV’s that have McCain bumper stickers on them.

And, I have several friends of a religious persuasion that bore Romney stickers on their cars for a while.

I wonder if we gravitate toward those we identify with in spite of their credentials? What really determines our political preferences?

I wonder….

- wowf

Olympic Fervor

Did you watch any of the Olympics? I did. All the athletes were truly amazing. The passion that the participants and viewers showed was contagious.

I wonder what would happen if we showed this same passion and fervor toward charitable acts? What if countries competed to see who could out-do the other in taking care of homelessness? Or, what about seeing which country could be first to remedy poverty or hunger in their homeland?


I guess there would not be as many big name sponsors or televised coverage. Too bad.

- wowf

Ipitome Of Lazy

I went to the mall the other day. As I got out of my car there was a man standing next to his with his car door open, and what in the world was he doing?

As a woman sat in the passenger seat (his wife? girlfriend?) he stood there urinating in the parking lot! He was less than 100 feet from the mall.

I know they have restrooms in the mall…


I rushed into the mall, sickened by this display of nonchalance. I made my purchase and headed back out toward my car only to pass “The Whiz” as he came strutting in with this girl on his arm looking proud as a peacock. Eck! You can have him girl.

- wowf

Boys In Men’s Bodies

Have you ever been into a Men’s Room? It’s nasty. Guys are like boys in men’s bodies. TP is everywhere. Writing on the walls. Cigarette burns on the dispensers. It also seems more makes it onto the floor than in the toilet or urinal — it’s like a sprinkler went off in the room.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen guys walk right out the door with out washing their hands — gross! Come on guys…

Ladies, do not hold a boys hand or eat after him if he has just been to the restroom. Ask him if he washed his hands and if he didn’t — make him go back and do it.

Business Beers

I was in the airport on a return trip. I decided to grab some dinner and knew the fastest way was to sit at the bar instead of waiting for a table to open.

I sat next to a guy who was on his second beer. While I ordered something to drink and eat, he ordered a double margarita.

While I was eating his cell rang and he talked to the person on the other end about his bar tab. He said his company would pick it up.

Wow, I do not know of many companies that have budget lines for Bar Tabs.

- wowf

Scary Airplane Rides

It is a scary thing to be on an airplane trip when all of a sudden you here the flight attendant over the cabin speaker system asking if there is a nurse, doctor, or emergency medical technician on board.

You hope it is not the pilot they need to see.



Hurry And Wait

Ever notice how much people are in a hurry? I was at an event last night and people were gathered around the doors to the auditorium where the event was going to take place. They were jockying-for-position.

The doors opened. The auditorium was huge — plenty of room for everyone.

The event did not start for another 45 minutes. Hurrying in order to wait. Sounds like the military.

Boy, we all looked pretty silly outside the doors, huh?



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